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Maia Crowned Kuk Sool Won Grand Champion

Upper 3 pupil, Maia Pendower, was crowned Grand Champion at the Kuk Sool Won UK National Championships last week.

Maia Pendower has been training for the past seven years at a Kuk Sool Won club in Claygate and was promoted to black belt two years ago awarding her the title of JKN Maia. Kuk Sool Won is a type of traditional, Korean martial art containing a complete self defence syllabus as well as training in weapons.

Competing in the UK National Championships held in Liverpool, Maia embarked on the testing programme for her second dahn black belt. Maia competed in the 9-12 year old black belts category and won four gold medals in staff, techniques, forms and sparring as well as a silver medal in sword before being awarded the title of Grand Champion!

Maia said of her achievement: “Kuk Sool is really good fitness and I love competing as all the elements are really fun. As a black belt you get to use a sword and a dahn bong and learn really useful self-defence techniques. At the tournament I was awarded the first gold medal of the day which boosted my confidence – I was quite surprised but so happy to win Grand Champion as there were some very strong competitors in my group.”

A brilliant weekend, congratulations to Maia!