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Lewis: "I couldn't have done it without the teachers"

Lewis gained two 9s, five A*, two 8s and a 6 at GCSE.

Lewis is extremely happy with his results, if a little shocked.

"I am over the moon, I never expected to do so well."

Yet, he believes he still has even more to give when he goes into Sixth Form to study English Literature, Music and Drama at A  Level.

Image of student at Freemen's GCSE Results Day 2018

"I am looking forward to focussing on three subjects. I am so happy with my GCSEs, but I think I can excel more at A Level."

Lewis has been at Freemen's since Form 1.

"I've grown with my friends over the years. I cannot imagine going anywhere else."

He credits his impressive GCSE results to the teaching staff at Freemen's.

"I couldn't have done it without the teachers. I suffer from dyslexia and they made time for me. They looked over to see if I was ok. I couldn't have achieved these grades without them." 

Lewis Blake checking GCSE results 2018 at City of London Freemen's School

 He advises next year's GCSE students to start early and "make time to do other things as well".

"The most important thing is to revise for the mock exams."

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