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Elizabeth Curran: "it is exciting to get through it!"

Lizzie Curran gained 10 A* and an A in History.

Lizzie Curran says she did not feel enormous pressure during her GCSEs. 

"It is quite exciting. I have had two siblings go through the process and now I have gone through it," she tells me after receiving some impressive GCSE results.  "I didn't work as hard as I should at the start, but the teachers were very good. I worked through the revision booklets they produced and they obviously paid off."

Lizzie Curran gets her GCSE results from City of London Freemen's, Surrey

One challenge Lizzie faced was Science: "I went into it thinking I can't do this, I can't do Biology, I can't do Chemistry, but when I learnt how to approach them, it got better." Lizzie says things changed when she learnt the basics: "when they were in my head, everything got a lot easier."

Her advice to next year's GCSE cohort is simple: "Don't get too stressed out. They are the same exams you have been doing for two years. Stay calm during exams and your revision and give yourself time off".

Lizzie is excited about moving on to A levels at Freemen's in three subjects she "really loves": Latin, English Literature and History.