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Modern Foreign Languages

Proficiency in a foreign language is much more than the ability to communicate with someone from another country.

Study of a language helps us understand the intricacies of our own language, helps us make connections with others and in the global world in which we live, speaking a foreign language is a must if you want to impress overseas business partners.

At Freemen’s, we believe studying a language is an essential part of a broad education, so all pupils study at least one language from Year 3 to 11. Pupils choose from French, German and Spanish. Our carousel system in Years 3 and 4 allows pupils to base their choice on their own experience of the language and this is highly motivating.

We firmly believe that nothing can replace the experience of spending time in the country whose language you are learning. Study visits are offered to pupils in Year 10 every year or every second year. Sixth formers are encouraged to take part in work experience programmes such as those offered by Halsbury Travel.

Pupils are encouraged to pursue their passion for languages outside the curriculum too. We offer very popular after school clubs for pupils from Year 3 to Year 13. Our Modern Languages Book Club gives pupils in the Senior School the chance to read more widely in the field of European Literature which fuels some lively discussions. We organise an annual languages competition to which we invite local schools. Next year, we are looking forward to celebrating the 10th anniversary of this fun competition. We strongly encourage pupils to take part in other competitions too. We have won prizes in the Oxford German Olympiad and French Film competition in recent years.

All pupils study a language at GCSE and approximately 20% of pupils study two foreign languages. Our A-level results are very good.