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BMW Mini factory visit

L6 Business student visit BMW Mini factory

On 4th June the Lower 6 Business students had the privilege of going to the BMW Mini Car plant in Oxford. During our time at the factory, we visited the body shop facility first, and saw how automation had improved the efficiency and speed at which the plant could produce vehicles. We then followed the car bodies into the final assembly area, being led through the staff areas where we saw examples of motivation techniques such as employee of the month awards and screens showing how much of that shift’s quota had been fulfilled.

In the final assembly building, we saw the use of flow production, and how cars had each component fitted by a different team on the next stage of the line. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and witty and answered any questions we had with ease. Overall it was a great day and I’m sure many of the group came away from the factory not only with better understanding of the production process but also with an urge to buy a Mini.

By Harry Froude L6