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Freemen's students put up a good defence

Students take part in Mock Trial Competition 

Lower 6 students participated in the Mock Trial Competition at the Inner London Crown Courts earlier this month.

Entering the competition for Independent Schools for the first time, Freemen’s students made a huge success of representing the school against some tough opposition.  During several rounds of the competition, pupils firstly took the position of the defending school, in the case of R v Gray, with students taking on the various roles of the accused, defence barristers, witnesses and the court usher.  In the second round students took on the role of the prosecution in the case of R v Charalambous. When not involved in a case, students were able to gain experience as members of the jury in other court rooms. 

To add to the realism and drama, all judges presiding over the courtrooms were current and practicing. Freemen’s students were complemented on their confident delivery and knowledge of legal procedures by Allison Hunter QC.  A fabulous effort from our L6 students and a superb introduction to matters and procedures of Law.