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Model United Nations (MUN) Conference

Freemen's students from Lower 5, Upper 5 and Lower 6 represented Morocco, Georgia and Iraq at their first Model United Nations Conference of the year.

The students acted for their respective countries on the social, cultural and humanitarian committee; environment; human rights; disarmament and international security; and special political and decolonisation committees. They debated topics ranging from: the question of conscription, use of drones, the status of Kosovo, the freedom of journalists, reducing the consumption of animal products, along with many other interesting areas of discussion.

For the first time, one of our students, Francesca Flynn, submitted a resolution in her committee and it was debated with gusto and enthusiasm.

Unfortunately, the resolution was not passed, but we are delighted to have had a resolution chosen for debate. All participants honed their skills of diplomacy, co-operation, public speaking and listening to alternative perspectives at the event, which took place at reigate Grammar School.

"With hindsight, submitting a resolution with no knowledge that I would have to debate it was a shock, but a great experience nevertheless," explained Francesca.

MUN club is expanding and now has over 20 members from Lower 5 and Lower 6. The students are currently preparing for the Benendun conference in December and CLS Boys in March.