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Distinction for all Freemen’s pupils in Music Theatre exams

Seven Freemen’s pupils have been rewarded for their Musical Theatre endeavours, achieving some exceptional results in examinations through the London College of Music.

Mrs Leah Perona-Wright, one of Freemen's peripatetic singing teachers, explained the importance of this course; “Musical theatre really encourages communications skills. Key to being a singer is to tell a story and be able to capture the emotion in a moment in time. It really encourages them to engage.”

During the examinations, the Freemen’s pupils displayed a range of abilities; singing and performing a set number of pieces, as well as demonstrating a thorough understanding of their historical context.

The girls were awarded as follows;

Mei Thum, Grade 1 – Distinction 

Amy Field, Grade 4 – Distinction 

Clara Harris, Grade 5 – Distinction 

Alice Heath, Grade 5 – Distinction 

Pippa Haslam, Grade 5 – Distinction 

Izzy Webb, Grade 6 – Distinction 

Bethan Roberts, Grade 6 – Distinction 

On why she enjoys Musical Theatre so much, Bethan Roberts, from Upper 6 explained; “I enjoy performing and learning the stories behind the music, it is a fun way to tell a story.”

Congratulations to them all!