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Teacher Link Programme

Our Teacher Link Programme focuses on bringing teachers together to create better learning opportunities for all students

At Freemen's, we understand that the most effective continued professional development for our teachers is to collaborate with other colleagues in different schools, solving the same challenges and improving our teaching practice together. 

Through our partnership work with schools in the local area, we are looking to create further development opportunities for our teaching staff, by visiting and/or hosting a colleague from another school in order to spend some time sharing ideas, collaborating and planning curriculum. All schools involved are both primary and secondary, making this initiative suitable for all teachers. Example teacher links could include -  

- meeting another teacher of your subject to talk about teaching and learning approaches and how to get the best out of your students.

- meeting a HoD in your subject area to discuss schemes of work, assessment or share resources.

- meeting a Head of Year of the same year group to discuss current topics of concern.

- meeting with the NQT lead, assessment lead, careers lead, KS2 co-coordinator; there is an opportunity for everyone.

Opportunities like this are truly rewarding for all teachers involved, where working together to share ideas in a simple way can bring benefits to all our students. The intention is to organise visits during the summer term or at a time suitable to the colleague involved.

If you are interested in being involved, please contact James Felgate (Director of Learning, Teaching and Innovation) at -