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Natalya Robinson: "I really didn't expect to do so well."

Natalya Robinson gained all A* in her GCSEs.

Natalya is happy, but shocked after discovering that she gained A* in all of her GCSEs.

"I really didn't expect to do so well. I am so happy," she says, smiling.  She remembers that she thought GCSEs started off quite easily, but the pressure soon built up. "Juggling the academic side, hockey and my other school commitments was a challenge, but I just had to stay disciplined." 

She sees a friend arrive and they simply say "good" to each other. "My year have a pact that we do not go into the actual results, but just say good or bad," she explains.  

Natalya Robinson GCSE Results 2017

Natalya has recently returned from appearing in the school's successful production of Everyman at the Edinburgh Festival: "It is nice doing drama. It is so physical and creative and so different to having your head over a book."

Exercise was also a helpful distraction from exams and revision.

"I started revision too late, but I created a timetable and stuck to it," she admits. "I did a lot of exercise though, keeping active and going to the gym. If I felt I was losing focus, I would go for a run."

Natalya advises next year's students start revising early: "make notes during the year. It will be way less pressure than during exam revision. Keep a balance. Do as much as you can do around the rest of your life."

Natalya will remain at Freemen's to study A Level History, English Literature and Latin and is excited about the freedom she will gain with these courses.