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World-class Martial Arts

Isaac's weekend of triumph

Proudly clutching his hoard of trophies and medals, 10 year old Isaac S (L3) left behind an extraordinarily successful weekend spent travelling between Nottingham and Liverpool for a series of Martial Arts competitions.

Having kicked off his illustrious Creative Martial Arts and Kickboxing career aged four in the ‘Stars’ programme for talented young martial artists, aged 9 Isaac became the ISKA World Champion for Creative Weapons. At 10, he’s just taken part in yet another round of UK and World competitions.

Isaac’s latest achievements include gold in ‘Sparring’, gold in ‘Staff Spinning’, silver in ‘Techniques' and bronze in ‘Forms’ at the Kuk Sool Won UK Championships. If that weren’t enough, he was also awarded gold in the '9 to 11 Creative Weapons' category and gained the title of World Champion at the Unity World Games in Nottingham. Quite a triumph for one boy in one weekend.