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Marina named best speaker at Schools' Debating Competition

Two Lower 5 members of the Senior Debating Society took part in the first ever City of London Schools' Debating Competition at the Guildhall. 

Francesca Flynn and Marina Kisel each had to form separate teams and work with pupils from each of the other City of London Schools, arguing for or against the debate motion 'This House would censor the internet'. With three-minute speeches per debater, the debate was hard-fought and covered a range of topics and issues. However, eventually, the winning team was voted upon - this was Francesca's team, the opposition, whose arguments were very convincing! 


The final award of the day, however, was for the best overall speaker. We were delighted that this was awarded to City of London Freemen's' Marina Kisel!


Congratulations to both girls who were very impressive in this competition.