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Pupils detox to stop malaria

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Pupils from City of London Freemen’s School have given up all their digital devices to help raise money to stop malaria. The Juniors were sponsored for a week long detox from phones, ipads, computer games and screens of any kind.  Some students found the sacrifice easier than others.

“The worst thing was my brother teasing me,” explained Sophia Barton from Year 4, one of the top fundraisers for the project. “He put the TV on and I had to go to my room.” For Year 7’s Kishan Patel, however, “the worst thing was not allowed being on your phone”.

The young fundraisers did enjoy the experience though.

“I got to spend more time talking to my family,” said William Smith in Year 4. Clara Harris in Year 7 said “I got more work done and had more free time with my sister.”

The pupils’ sacrifice means that they have now raised over £5,000 for charity Malaria No More.

“As well as killing a child every two minutes, in parts of Africa malaria keeps more kids out of school than any other disease - but in the last fifteen years we’ve made incredible progress in fighting it. By giving up all their gadgets for a week, the Junior school are helping us to make sure that one day – probably within their lifetimes – children will no longer be at risk from malaria and can enjoy the education and future they deserve,” says Tara Sherjan, Community Fundraising Manager at Malaria No More UK.