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CCF - Promotion and Leadership

Whilst progressing through the CCF syllabi, cadets can aspire to achieve promotion within their section. Although promotion is based on merit and a selection/promotion board chaired by the Contingent Commander along with the contingent officers, it is also closely tied with the courses passed as follows:

LCpl – Pass APC Syllabus and display leadership qualities  or pass a Potential Non-commissioned Officer Cadre (PNCO Cadre)

Cpl – Pass APC (Advanced) and Junior Cadet Instructors Cadre (JCIC) / Junior NCO (JNCO) Cadre

Sgt – Pass Senior Cadet Instructors Cadre (SCIC) / Senior NCO (SNCO) Cadre or Leadership Course

SSgt – Pass Cadet Leadership Course (CLC) and selected on Merit and Ability

WO2 and above - Pass Master Cadet Course and selected on Merit and Ability

Promotion courses are held at varying times of the year, depending on the cadets parent section. Typically the CCF (RAF) run courses during the February and October Half-Term. The CCF (Army) work in collaboration with other CCF Schools and run a cadre during the October Half-Term.

The Cadet Leadership Course (CLC) and Master Cadet Course (previously only for the ACF until rules changed in 2018) are run by Brigade (Bde) Cadet Training Teams and Regional/National Cadet Training Centres. These courses are usually run at Easter and in October. Cadet places are in high demand for these courses and contingents have to place a bid to their local Bde.

Click on the button below to register your application for an event. Places are limited on these events, so please don't delay in applying.

The dates for the leadership courses can be found on the latest version of CCF Forecast of Events, that is at the bottom of the CCF - Activities and Events page.

As well as applying online, you will also need to complete the Physical Activity Readiness - Questionnaire (PAR-Q) in the attachments section at the bottom of this page. You will also find a kit list and other important information to download.



"I have other commitments when the course/cadre is running, is there another way I can get promoted?"

The quick answer is 'Yes' but... (there's always a but!) The contingent will hold an internal Methods of Instruction (MOI)/Cadet Force Instructional Techniques (CFIT) cadre, which is typically run over a 6-week period after the October Half-Term, during the weekly CCF parade (only open to U5/Y11 and above). So it will take longer to achieve and you MUST attend every weekly session, and pass 2 out of 3 Teaching Practices (TPs). You will then become eligible to be boarded for promotion. This route is based on teaching you how to teach and doesn't cover all the activities you would have done on a concentrated course,  in particular leadership based activities and command appointments. So you will have to demonstrate leadership qualities too, in order to compete against candidates who attended a camp. Don't be disheartened or put off by this though, with a little hard work, confidence, motivation, attitude, diligence and enthusiasm; you can be successful.

"Am I guaranteed promotion if I attend a cadre/course?"

The quick answer is 'No'. You must pass the Training Objectives (TOs) (the Instructional Specifications (ISpecs)and Assessment Specifications (ASpecs)) set for the particular course/cadre you are taking part in, to be considered for promotion. If you come top of the concentrated course/cadre (held at a camp) then you will be promoted on the last day of the camp during the final parade and prize giving. If you come in the top ten of the said camp, then you will be promoted at the next available vacancy for that rank in the contingent. So .. if there are vacancies before you attend, then to coin a phrase from my old Sergeant Major "you'd better pull your tripe out and give all you can and then give some more!!" in order to compete for that promotion. Don't worry, if you pass but not in the top ten; then you can still be promoted when a vacancy appears. But... (as I said before, there's always a but!) you still need to demonstrate leadership qualities and core values & standards back in the contingent.. even if its months or more after qualifying. So don't rest on your laurels, continue to show us that you deserve that next stripe/crown or run the risk of being passed over for promotion.