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CCF - Uniform and Equipment

As part of being in the CCF, cadets are issued most of their military uniform on a temporary loan. This must be returned in a laundered and serviceable condition, on leaving the CCF. If the uniform is not returned, the MOD will insist on a bill being raised against the cadet, to recover any losses.

The CCF does not issue boots, waterproof jacket & trousers, sleeping bag or bivi bag (waterproof sleeping bag cover). Therefore cadets must provide their own, the links below (listed alphabetically and not in order of recommendation) will take you to the recommended suppliers for this equipment:

To assist you in making your choice, we have listed the preferred items. These have been tried and tested over the last few years and have proven durability.


Cadet Direct - Elite Patrol Boots






Cadet Kit Shop - MTP Waterproof Jacket

Kombat UK - MTP style Waterproof Jacket - BTP






Cadet Direct - Sleeping Bag - Olive Green

Cadet Kit Shop - Sleeping Bag - Olive Green

Kombat UK - Sleeping Bag - Olive Green


Cadet Direct - Bivi Bag - Olive Green

Cadet Kit Shop - Bivi Bag - Olive Green

Kombat UK Bivi Bag - Olive Green


This equipment can be purchased directly from the retailer, or we can source the equipment for you at lower prices, by buying in bulk and saving on postage. The purchase cost can be added to the school invoice for Freemen's cadets and through ParentPay for Glyn cadets.

An order can be placed using the order form below: