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Given our aim to foster in our pupils the confidence, curiosity, independence and wisdom to succeed in the next stages of their lives, we place a lot of emphasis on providing career support for Freemen’s pupils.

Discover Careers

Students have access to extensive resources in the Careers Room, as well as to the careers staff who provide advice to year groups, small groups and individuals. There are numerous events throughout the year including the Careers, Education and Gap Convention and Careers Taster Day. In addition, a number of visiting speakers in specific career areas come into the School for lunchtime talks and year group assemblies.

Gatsby Careers Subject Guides

Please click on the subjects below to access the relevant Gatsby Careers Subject Guide;


Art & Design 




Computer Science 

Design Technology










Explore Careers: Senior School 

The programme for careers in tutor periods:

Upper 4 (Year 9) - 4 Main Themes

  • Self-awareness
  • Opportunity awareness
  • Decision making - important for GCSE choices
  • Study skills

Careers Taster Day in June for U4 & L5 Careers Education

Lower 5 (Year 10) - 5 Main Themes

  • Self-awareness
  • Opportunity awareness
  • Study skills
  • Thinking about work experience
  • Preparing for Cambridge Occupational Analysis tests

Careers Taster Day in June for U4 & L5 and the Careers Education

Upper 5 (Year 11) - 6 Main Themes

  • Cambridge Occupational Analysis Tests

3 hours – multiple choice questions on interests & psychometric tests for skills such as numeracy, non-verbal reasoning, spelling, working with accuracy at speed etc

Full report for each pupil with results and suggested career areas to research

One to one interview in autumn term of U5 with COA staff

Follow up with tutors

Information passed onto sixth form tutors

  • Preparing for Work experience
  • Setting SMART targets
  • Career choices & possibilities
  • Making A level choices
  • Study/Revision skills

Elevate – young graduates provide short, sharp sessions on study skills, how to ace your exams, time

Sixth Form 

Advice is given to pupils in Upper 5 on their choice of A Level options, with the students in Lower 6 instructed on how to choose an appropriate pathway post A Level, complete a UCAS form and write personal statements.

There is targeted help for students aspiring to Oxford or Cambridge and for future medics, dentists and vets.

Careers Events planned for the academic year:

Lower 6

Autumn Term


  • Allocation of tutor groups attempting to match students to areas of mutual academic interest and potential future study
  • Carousel of lessons introducing the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) begins


  • Careers, Education and Gap Convention

Spring Term


  • Meeting of potential Oxbridge applicants
  • Initial Oxbridge interviews in departments


  • COA Centigrade assessment sat as needed, to help students choose a degree course
  • Cambridge University presentation

Summer Term


  • UCAS Day including seminar from a Russell Group university on writing the personal statement
  • Summer Enrichment time given to UCAS preparation and EPQ
  • Provision given for students to attend open days, attend taster courses and work experience

Upper 6

Autumn Term

  • Final allocation of UCAS predicted grades
  • Tutorial support given for the completion of UCAS forms
  • Any student attending an interview given an internal mock-interview beforehand
  • Extensive tutorial support given to all


  • 15 October: Deadline for submission of UCAS forms for Oxbridge, Vets, Medics and Dentists
  • Conclusion of internal UCAS process with all forms submitted before half term


  • Pre-admissions tests and work submission for Oxbridge applicants
  • Careers, Education and Gap Convention
  • Mock-interviews for Oxbridge candidates and Medics


  • Oxbridge interviews

Spring and Summer Term

  • Talks from Old Frees about coping with life beyond school


  • A level results with staff on hand to give comprehensive support for those needing advice and help through Clearing and Adjustment

Latest Career News 

Careers, Education and Gap Convention

Every Autumn the City of London Freemen’s School runs a Careers, Education and Gap Convention (CEG), giving pupils from the School and the local area the opportunity to discuss their future.

The convention provides pupils and parents with a chance to talk to a wide range of professionals from a wide range of careers, representatives from educational establishments, apprenticeships and gap year providers about their future educational and career paths. In previous years we have secured exhibitors including many Russell Group Universities and companies such as; Aldi, Atkins, ExxonMobile, EY (Ernst & Young), PwC and Thales Group.

The CEG is a ‘market-place’ format – pupils and parents approach stalls and stands for advice and       information. If you would like to attend the conference, please email and we will send you further details.

Insight Careers Taster Day

During the Careers taster Day, pupils discover what is really involved in being an engineer, working in creative media production or even what it is like to work in the City. 

Inside Knowledge’s Careers ‘Taster’ Workshops provide a unique opportunity to obtain in-depth insight into a chosen career.  Throughout the day, members of the team clarify everything; explain what you would do each day. This gives a taste of the different aspects of the subject, which should help the pupils to make a decision about the right career path.

Past career areas include were:

  • Business & Management
  • Creative Media Production
  • City & Financial Markets
  • Engineering
  • Law
  • Film & TV
  • Architecture and Construction
  • Medicine & Medical options
  • Performing Arts
  • PR, Marketing & Social New Media
  • Journalism
  • Accountancy
  • Financial Services

Pupil feedback:

I found the workshops very enjoyable & they gave you a different perspective of jobs

They helped me decide what career path I want to take

Fun, exciting group work & presentations

They were very good – I would do them all again

I learnt a lot about an option which I had not considered in the past