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Ex CHRISTMAS CRACKER is the first event of the year, that is part of the Contingent Commander’s Annual Competition known as the ‘Pearson Trophy’. The trophy was kindly donated by Squadron Leader Tracy Pearson, the first Contingent Commander of Glyn Freemen’s CCF.

The event takes place on one of our weekly sessions, but has an extended finish time of approximately 20:00 hrs.

The exercise will see the cadets operate as a member of their respective platoon/flight, competing against the other sub-units in the contingent. Each platoon/flight will comprise of an equal number of cadets from mixed year groups, rather than just their own year group. The benefits of operating in this manner, allows for role modelling, developing leadership, shared knowledge and experience. The cadets thoroughly enjoy the mentoring and peer to peer coaching that takes place.

The event is different each year and sometimes takes place offsite, therefore we ask that cadets who sign up to this event, commit to the whole duration. Unfortunately, any late arrivals or early departures will only cause disruption to the smooth running of the event and cannot always be facilitated. Any cadets that can’t attend the whole event, are kindly asked not to sign up and are automatically excused for that session.

There is no cost for this event, to sign up please click on the ‘Apply Here’ button below: