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As part of being in the CCF, U4/Yr9 cadets have their first experience of ‘sleeping out’ on a field exercise in our aptly named Ex FIRST KNIGHT.  This field exercise takes place in the Autumn term on a Friday from 16:00 until 12:00 on the Saturday. The venue for this event is the fantastic woods that we are fortunate to have on the school grounds.

They will sleep under the stars in a 2-person shelter (known as a basha), that they will have constructed themselves. They will also cook and eat army rations and take part in various army lessons, including a camouflage and concealment activity know as a ‘stalk’.

The cost of this activity is £40, which is heavily subsidised by the MOD/CCF, partly covers the cost of the rations and equipment they will get to keep.  They will receive a 28ltr daysack, boot cleaning kit, mess tins, water bottle & mug, waterproof notebook & holder and a 24-hour ration pack all for the amazing price of £40 (RRP £102).

The exercise is led and supported by senior cadets and cadet Non-commissioned Officers (NCOs), under the supervision of the adult staff. Without their assistance, the exercise would not run as smooth.

Assistant Cadets are to sign up using this same method below.

To sign up to this event please click on the ‘Apply Here’ button below: