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Exercise HALF WAY

Exercise HALF-WAY 

Ex HALF-WAY is a training weekend that is open to ALL cadets from the Contingent, which will be taking place on school site. It is an assessment weekend which the cadets will have the chance to earn their proficiency badge in First Aid and Navigation.  


We will be meeting at approximately 16:15 on the Friday, Cadets are expected to be in their CCF kit, ready to go into a small series of lessons after dinner. 


We will be finishing at approximately 1300 on the Sunday. 

Equipment Packing List 

Cadets are asked to pack with only the items they need for two nights away from home. Ideally this should be in their issued Bergen rucksack. A kit list can be found in the download section below. 

Food and Accommodation 

We will be sleeping in the school Sports Hall. As such we require the cadets to bring their roll matts and sleeping bags with them. All meals up until Sunday lunch will be provided. 


The cost for the exercise is £25. This covers the messing for the cadets and the equipment for the First Aid training. 

Equipment Packing List

Training Dress.  Normal training dress will be issued uniform. Combat jackets will be worn during all field exercises.  All cadets will require boots which are hard-wearing and suitable for cross country. 

In summary:

The following items will be required:

  • Belt (as issued)
  • Regimental head-dress (as issued)
  • 2 x Green (or dark) T-shirts
  • PCS/Cbt 95  Jacket (as issued)
  • PCS/Cbt 95 Smock (as issued)
  • PCS/Cbt 95 Trousers (as issued)
  • DPM Waterproof Jacket
  • Hiking socks
  • Boots
  • Spare uniform items (where in possession) to allow for change of clothing (i.e. T-Shirts, trousers, socks, underclothes etc.)
  • Towel and wash kit
  • Jumper/ warm fleece jacket
  • Tracksuit or civilian clothing (for evening wear)
  • Boot cleaning materials
  • Notebook and pencil
  • Sleeping bag (not issued)
  • Roll Matt (not issued)

Prohibited Items

The following are not to be brought to camp (any cadet found with any of the items below will have them confiscated and may be returned home):

  • Replica weapons
  • Offensive weapons (lock knives, flick knives, machetes)
  • Pyrotechnic devices
  • Laser pens


 Cadets are to ensure that all kit is packed kit into a good sized sports grip bag.