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Exercise LONG SHOT

Ex LONG SHOT is a training weekend that is open to ALL cadets from the Contingent, which takes place at Longmoor Training Camp in Hampshire. It is primarily Live Firing Marksmanship Training (LFMT), with the aim of introducing new recruits to live firing at short ranges, trained cadets firing at long ranges and for selecting an Army Section shooting team.

As part of the weekend training, all cadets will undergo their Weapon Handling Test (WHT) as part of the assurance of Safe Practice. For new recruits, this will be their first time attempting the WHT, which can be a little bit daunting. They needn't worry about the test, as there will be plenty of opportunities to practice beforehand. The common reason for failing the test, is self-induced pressure and fear of failure. Cadets needn't put themselves through this stress and should look at it as a safe handling assessment rather than the dread word ‘Test’.

Secondary aims of the weekend are the Ceremonial Drill practice on a parade square (in preparation for the drill test back at school after the weekend) and to have fun using a military obstacle course.


We will be leaving at approximately 16:15 on the Friday, so cadets attending the camp will need to get changed at lunchtime in order to leave on time.


We will be arriving back at school at approximately 12:30 on the Sunday.

Equipment Packing List

Space will be limited on the minibuses, so cadets are asked to pack with only the items they need for two nights away from home. Ideally this should be no larger than the maximum allowed as cabin baggage on a plane. A kit list can be found in the download section below.

Food and Accommodation

We will be sleeping in barrack accommodation, in dormitory rooms.  So there is no requirement for a 3 season sleeping bag or bivi bag, on this occasion. All meals up until Sunday lunch will be provided.

Physical Activity Readiness – Questionnaire (PAR-Q)

All cadets will require a completed and signed PAR-Q in order to participate in the Obstacle Course. This form can be handed in to reception or brought with them on the camp. Unfortunately cadets without a completed PAR-Q will not be allowed to do the obstacle course.