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Food Technology

Gardening Club is offered in the Summer to pupils in Years 3-6.

Pupils learn the basics of planting, weeding and caring for flowers and vegetables. We have grown Sweet Peas, Lettuces, Runner Beans, Onions and Bedding Plants and last year, we grew Pumpkins for Halloween.

All pupils in the Junior School can get involved in the Sassy Stirrers Cooking Club, during which we develop children’s cooking skills and encourage them to sample and experiment with new ingredients and foods in a fun environment.

In the club pupils prepare ingredients and learn about methods and utensils used in cooking eg ‘browning’, ‘folding’, ‘creaming’ etc. They then cook recipes which follow a theme each term, considering the presentation of their prepared dish. Saving the best until last, pupils also get to sample food which complements the theme.

A recent highlight was our tasting session for French week which involved croque monsieur, camembert, croissant and pate. This very much appealed to our little chefs’ appetites.