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Free Minds

image of sixth formers reading in the library, ashtead, surreyFree Minds is special. It is a programme of study that has been set up specifically for Freemen's Sixth Form students.

This programme is not about exam results, even though it is academically rigourous in its own right. This programme is about learning for the sake of learning, so that you can explore a wide range of themes, subjects and viewpoints, while taking an interest in the wider world around us.

This sort of course is exceptionally highly regarded by employers and universities. It builds on the great academic strengths of the teachers at Freemen’s who hold over 100 degrees in a wide range of disciplines.

You -  Lower Sixth students (apart from those doing Further Maths) - will pick five courses, one from each ‘faculty’ area. Each course will last for six weeks and consists of a one hour seminar per week.

You will rank your choices of subjects  in September and as many of your first preferences as possible will be allocated.

Read the Free Minds Option Booklet

For more detail on all of the courses, view the Free Minds booklet now. You can read online or download your own version. For best results click to full screen.


  • FOUNDATIONS: Philosophy and Ethics, Religion, Classics
  • WORLD: History, Geography, Politics, Economics, Law
  • LANGUAGE: English, Drama
  • SCIENCE: Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Electronics 
  • ARTS: Music, Music Technology, Art

Courses include:


  • F1: Six Ideas which changed the World
  • F2: Misconceptions of Religion
  • F3: The Glory that was Greece, the Grandeur that was Rome


  • W1: States of Mind
  • W2: The Anatomy of a Trial
  • W3: Understanding Economics in the News


  • L1: Insights into the Age of Enlightenment
  • L2: the History of Western Drama
  • L3: Approaches to Theatre Making
  • L4: Dickens’s Women


  • S1: Electronics for the Curious
  • S2: Mathematical skills for  Physical Science
  • S3: Statistics for Scientists
  • S4: Science, Bad Science and Pseudoscience


  • A1: Six Key Moments in the History of Western Art
  • A2: Contemporary Music Production
  • A3: Six Great Classical Pieces
  • A4: Breaking from Tradition