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Friends of Freemen's - Hong Kong

One of our key aims at City of London Freemen’s School is to nurture a community of learners – adults and children – who are ambitious about what they might achieve in and out of the classroom.

Yet, we know that it is not always easy to feel part of this Freemen’s community when you are so far away. This is why we have set up Friends of Freemen’s: Your Freemen’s Network in Hong Kong.

By becoming a Friend of Freemen’s, you will have access to a large local and international network of Freemen’s parents, past, present and future.

Membership is free and allows you to enjoy the latest news and updates from the school, networking and social events, as well as access to a unique community who can offer face-to-face support and advice either during your child’s time at Freemen’s or after you have left the school. Freemen’s staff will also tap into the network during their regular visits to Hong Kong.

If you are based outside the UK or Hong Kong, and would like to take the lead on setting up your local chapter of Friends of Freemen’s, please get in touch by emailing