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GCSE Latin

Head of Department: Mr A Chadwick

Examining Board: EDUQAS

Subject code: C990PA

The pupils spend most of Lower 5 honing their language skills. They consolidate their knowledge of grammar and begin studying the syntax of the language, in addition to learning the vocabulary list prescribed by the examination board. While pupils are learning the language they are constantly reminded of various aspects of Roman civilisation and history. By Upper 5 pupils are reading the original writings of Roman authors such as the poets Virgil and Catullus, selections of letters or extracts from histories.

Course content:

Latin Language

This component consists of two compulsory sections, in which learners respond to unseen material.


Latin Literature and Sources (Themes)

Either 'Youth and Education' or 'A Day at the Races'.


Latin Literature (Narratives)

Ovid - Echo and Narcissus. Tacitus - Germanicus and Piso

Latin is normally only available to pupils who have studied the subject in Upper 4.