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The aim of these clubs is to have fun!

Junior Chess Club is open to all Junior School pupils. The aim is to inspire the inquisitive and developing mind and to promote the virtues of a friendly, competitive spirit by helping develop an appreciation of chess both as a game and as a means to explore life.

The club centres around a tournament. Competitive matches are played over successive weeks culminating in the champion being crowned at the end of term.

Each week, before matches, a particular tactical/strategic theme or technique is explored, guiding and encouraging the class towards discovering ‘best next moves’.

Tackling chess puzzles where checkmate is the solution is another popular activity. We also play a range of chess-related games such as Hungry Horse, the Capture Game, the Pawn game and the Box Mate game. As well as having fun, these activities often lead to the discovery of new aspects to the art of playing chess. Trophies and chess booklet prizes are awarded to the School Champions after each term.

In Senior Chess Club, there are over 25 pupils (ranging from Years 9 to 13) and members of staff. A chess ladder has been established and both competitive and friendly matches are played each week. New members and beginners are always welcome as competition is always friendly.

Lego Club is for Year 3 pupils. The club gives the children the opportunity to meet with their friends or make new ones, in a fun filled, relaxed and informal setting. The children can use their own vivid imagination to build their own individual Lego model or can work together with others, to build one of the many sets of Lego kits on offer. The pupils take great delight in building the tallest of towers, the fastest cars or the biggest buildings. All pupils are encouraged to come along to join in the fun!

Board Games Club is for pupils in Year 4. We encourage children to try new games, and build their confidence by participating in fun activities in a small group.

Each week we play a different game, and when possible we introduce a new one to the stock. The main favourites are Stop the Bus, like Scattergories but quicker, Battleships, and Headbands, where pupils wear a picture of something silly on their head and have to guess what it is by asking the group questions. We have lots of fun in Board Games Club!