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Every pupil is allocated to one of three houses – Gresham, Hale or Whittington.

Where siblings attend the School or a relative is a past pupil new pupils will be assigned to the same House.

Each house is named after a famous Lord Mayor of London. Warren Stormes Hale was the School’s founder in 1854 whilst Sir Thomas Gresham was a financier who founded the Royal Exchange in 1565. Richard (Dick) Whittington was a generous benefactor in the 14th Century, founding a hospital, a church and almshouses and, of course, is the only Lord Mayor to have a pantomime in his name! All three had strong Livery Company connections in the City – patronage which the School still enjoys today.

Today, the House system unites the Junior and Senior sections of the School in a unique way. Weekly House assemblies nurture House spirit and loyalty and all pupils get an opportunity to take on some responsibility be it forming the House hockey team or contributing to House assembly. Pupils of all ages work together and benefit from the truly integrated nature of the School.

Each year the Junior pupils compete for the Kemp House Shield, and the Seniors compete for the Cock House Shield.

Throughout the year the Houses battle for points in a variety of activities including various House Sports, House Music, House Art, House Drama, House Chef and House Debating. With house pride at stake as well as points, competition is always fierce. However, just as important is the taking part, and the spectators play a vital role rallying the troops and cheering them home!