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Lead Freemen’s

image of Sixth Form studentsThe aim of the Sixth Form at Freemen’s is to give, you, our students the confidence to tackle the unknown.

Academic excellence is strived for but we recognise the importance of a whole-person education. We will help students to become complete and rounded young men and women ready for the challenges that lie ahead.

Learn, lead and make a difference

The Sixth Form at Freemen's offers students a first-class education but will also challenge you to think outside of the box. Our students are encouraged to have enquiring minds, to be aware of their place within society and, crucially, given the opportunity to develop into highly-employable young men and women and the leaders of the future.

In her Prize Day speech this Summer, Head Girl Amelia Hart explained:

Such a holistic, rounded education, further enriched by the huge number of clubs and societies available, is what Freemen's offers in its promise to foster the development of 'the whole person' in each of us. More so perhaps than any advantage this brings to our academic progression, it cultivates a unique readiness to participate, to engage and to work together. These skills, learnt too through house events and charity projects, are invaluable.


The Sixth Form curriculum is designed to ensure that Freemen’s students are well prepared for university entry and future employment.

We hope that the range of subjects available will allow all potential Sixth Formers to follow a programme that meets their interests, abilities and career aspirations.

For each Sixth Form student we offer 3 pathways through the Curriculum (from 2021):

  • Pathway 1 4 Alevels to include Mathematics and Further Mathematics
  • Pathway 2 3 Alevels + EPQ + Free Minds
  • Pathway 3 3 Alevels + Free Minds

This is complemented by:

  • Enrichment for L6 on Wednesday mornings
  • A varied programme of appropriate games options on Wednesday afternoons
  • A course of careers guidance and personal, social and health education

A Level Subjects offered:


Free Minds 

Freemen's Free Minds students readingWe want our Sixth Formers to be articulate, knowledgeable, rational and tolerant of others’ viewpoints. We want them to be imaginative and not narrowly focussed in their learning. All students will study our new Free Minds programme. The aim of our programme is to inspire our students about learning for the sake of learning by engaging the whole of their minds in a wide range of subjects.

Lower Sixth students (apart from those doing Further Maths) will pick five courses, one from each ‘faculty’ area’. Each course will last for six weeks and consists of a one hour seminar per week.


Much of the Careers Guidance in the Sixth Form revolves around application to university and/or Modern Apprenticeships. Along with your tutor and Heads of Department, the Sixth Form Careers team will help to answer any UCAS query that you might have. Students in Lower 6 are instructed on how to choose an appropriate pathway post A Level, complete a UCAS form and write personal statements. There is targeted help for students aspiring to Oxford or Cambridge and for future medics, dentists and vets. Students have access to extensive resources in the Careers Room, as well as to the careers staff who provide advice to year groups, small groups and individuals. In addition, a number of visiting speakers in specific career areas come into the School for lunchtime talks and year group assemblies.