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Catering at City of London Freemen’s school is provided by Sodexo. We pride ourselves on serving fresh and creative food which inspires, nourishes and maintains the health and wellbeing of the pupils entrusted to us.

Our breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, packed lunches and match teas are all prepared with the greatest care and attention recognising the importance a good meal plays in the school day.

We work with the very best suppliers from across the UK using national, regional and local companies to source food which is fresh, sustainable, safe and delicious.

We use 100% fresh meat, Freedom Food certified free-range shell eggs, seasonal Red Tractor or GlobalGap fresh fruit and vegetables, Fairtrade Bananas, MSC certified fish and seafood, Rainforest Alliance coffee and Red Tractor certified beef, pork, chicken, milk and cream.

We do this to ensure that your child gets the very best fuel to help them learn.


Hot and cold breakfasts are available to pre-order. Hot and cold breakfasts must be pre-booked with 7 days notice.  

Sports teas

If your child is playing in a school sports fixture, a sports tea will be provided for them. The menu will vary depending on the sport and the season but we will ensure that they have suitable refreshment and sustenance.

As a parent, you are more than welcome to attend school to watch your child compete. If you do visit, refreshments will be available for you.


Lunch is served in the dining hall. Parents can choose to opt in or out of lunch on a termly basis by informing the bursars office (half a terms notice is required to opt in or out) and will be billed for lunch on their school fees invoice.

At lunch we offer a choice of three freshly prepared hot meals, at least one of which is vegetarian. In addition, there is an extensive and varied salad bar with a selection of protein items or a freshly prepared roll, sandwich or baguette. Both hot and cold desserts are available daily as well as fresh fruit and yoghurts.


Supper is served in the dining hall through the recently refurbished servery. We serve two main meal choices, at least one of which is vegetarian. The menu features theatre items, freshly cooked on the counter in front of the pupils. There is a fresh salad bar, selection of hot and cold desserts.

We work closely with the boarding staff to ensure that boarders get that feeling of home, especially at weekends when we try to do something a bit different including boarders choice nights when the boarders write their own menu.


Please note:-

If you wish to make a change to your present lunch arrangement the school requires a half term’s notice. If you would like to participate in, or cancel lunches for your son/daughter then please email

Tuck Shop 

The tuck shop van is located in the old swimming pool car park and is open at both break and lunch. Pupils in Upper 3 and above can buy a selection of healthy snacks, sandwiches, paninis, hot and cold beverages as well as more traditional tuck shop items such as cakes, cookies, muffins and confectionary.

Sixth Form café 

The new Sixth Form café is open to staff and Sixth Form students and is open from 8.15am to 2.30pm.

Located in the Sixth Form common room, staff and pupils can buy freshly made FairTrade premium coffees, hot chocolate and a selection of teas and infusions. These are accompanied by a range of cold beverages, freshly prepared hot and cold snacks, salads and sandwiches, cakes and pastries.

Healthy eating 

The link between diet and health is clearly established, as is the link between healthy eating and better learning.

Our Healthwise programme is as a comprehensive approach to healthy eating supported by its own website

Healthwise logo

We communicate healthy eating messages to the pupils, helping them to make informed choices when selecting their meals, and our menus are balanced and offer real choice.


We are committed to delivering the highest quality food in the safest possible way.  We have robust procedures in place to support pupils with Food Allergies and special dietary requirements.

Where appropriate, our dietician will work with parents, pupils and the school to ensure a safe and healthy meal is available.

You may also like to download our Allergens Policy.

Sustainability and Purchasing 

Sustainability is one of the foundations of our approach. We consider all aspects of our operation, from field to fork and ensure that we deliver the most ethical approach to our service delivery.

We are committed to purchasing in ways that are ethical and transparent, to maintaining the highest standards of health and safety and to buying only from companies that we can rely upon to reinforce this commitment.

  • All of our fresh fish and seafood is MSC accredited.We are the only contract caterer with this accreditation.
  • All our fresh meat is UK sourced with our beef, pork, chicken meat having red tractor accreditation.
  • All our milk and cream is red tractor accredited and sourced from local dairies.
  • All our fresh seasonal vegetables are either red tractor or global gap accredited.Our bananas are fair-trade.
  • All of our eggs are UK sourced from RSPCA freedom food free-range birds.
  • Our bean and instant coffees are, as a minimum, rainforest alliance accredited.
  • Our policy is against using genetically modified food. Our suppliers must conform to procedures intended to eliminate GM ingredients in meals we provide.

Supporting UK farmers

 Our preference is to maintain UK sourced products whenever possible. Through our network of suppliers we support a range of initiatives including the farm assured programme.

Minimising Food and Air Miles

 In order to minimise Food and Air Miles we undertake the following actions:

  • Menus are written to reflect the use of fresh, UK seasonal produce
  • We use local dairies, bakers and local depots
  • We consolidate deliveries of ambient, chilled and frozen goods to a single multi temperature vehicle. This has allowed us to reduce food miles by 27%

Our approach gives you a catering service that offers value underpinned by strong values.