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Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) aims to enable pupils to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to keep themselves healthy and safe, and prepare for life and work in modern Britain. At Freemen’s our Programme of Study for PSHE follows the guidelines provided by the PSHE Association which groups the topics into three core themes: health and wellbeing, relationships and living in the wider world (including economic wellbeing and aspects of careers education). 

PSHE at Freemen's aims to develop skills and attributes such as resilience,                 self-esteem, risk-management, team-working and critical thinking.

PSHE is taught throughout the school on a spiral basis. Topics are introduced at an appropriate level in the Junior School and are revisited and further developed in the Senior School and again in the Sixth Form.

In the Senior School, PSHE is timetabled as a 30 minute lesson every week and each year group is taught on a carousel basis. Form tutors deliver a specific topic with each carousel session taking four weeks. Over the course of the year every pupil will attend every topic.

For further information please contact Sue Meek (Co-ordinator of PSHE) at:

Assemblies and External Speaker Programme

The topics covered in assemblies and by external speakers vary from year to year to reflect the relevant issues of the day. Current topics include:

  • E-safety
  • Equality – gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, religion/belief
  • Positive relationships
  • Resilience
  • Bullying
  • Emotional wellbeing

Senior School Topics:

upper 4

In Upper 4 the topics covered are:

Positive Self Image - Self-confidence and self-esteem, how to accept helpful feedback and how to differentiate between this and criticism, body image and the media and communication skills.

Relationships (Family and Friends) - Characteristics and benefits of positive relationships, differences between friends and gangs, importance of marriage, civil partnerships and other stable long term relationships.

Alcohol and Drugs - Positive and negative role of alcohol in society, it’s impact on decision making, consequences of drinking and not drinking, factual information about alcohol, how to recognise and manage the different influences on their decisions about drinking alcohol, understanding habit, dependence and addiction.

Finance - Recognising and managing influences on financial decisions, managing risk, planning for expenditure, understanding debt and gambling. How to be a critical consumer and recognising the wider impact of purchasing choices and consumer rights.

Diversity and Prejudice - Similarities, differences and diversity among people of different race, culture, ability, disability, sex, gender identity, age and sexual orientation. The unacceptability of sexist, homophobic, transphobic, racist, ageist and disablist language and behaviour.

Health - The importance of sleep, work/leisure/exercise balance, balanced diet, eating disorders and sources of help, importance of personal hygiene.

PSHE also forms a large part of tutor time. In Upper 4 form tutors cover:

  • Transition from Junior School to Senior School
  • Know yourself
  • Individual academic progress reviews
  • GCSE option choices
  • Careers
  • Revision skills
  • In the news

lower 5

In Lower 5 the topics covered are:

Mental and Emotional Health - Characteristics of emotional and mental health. Causes and symptoms of disorders including stress, anxiety and depression. Strategies for managing mental health including stress, anxiety, depression, self-harm and suicide

Relationships (Romantic) - Different levels of intimacy and their consequences. The right NOT to have intimate relationships. Readiness for sex and the benefits of delaying sex. How to recognise peer pressure. How to seek consents and respect others’ right to with draw consent and the law in relation to consent.

Drugs and Alcohol - Short and long term consequences of drug use and misuse. Habit, dependence and addiction. The wider risks of legal and illegal substance use on personal safety, career, relationships, future lifestyle. The impact of drugs and alcohol on choices and sexual behaviour. Safe use of over the counter medicines. Risks and consequences of experimental and occasional substance use. Legal highs.

British Values/UK Government - Understand democracy, government and the rights and responsibilities of citizens. Key elements of the constitution of the UK. The power of government and the role of parliament and citizens in holding those in power to account. Different roles of executive, legislature, judiciary and a free press.

Prejudice and Diversity - Thinking critically about extremism and intolerance in whatever form they take (including shame and honour based violence). Recognise shared responsibility to protect the community from violent extremism.

Human Rights - The primacy of human rights. Potential tensions between human rights, British law, cultural and religious expectations. Abortion and teenage pregnancy – what are the options and where to seek help.

PSHE also forms a large part of tutor time. In Lower 5 form tutors cover:

  • Transition from Upper 4 to Lower 5 -  new form tutors
  • Know yourself
  • Individual academic progress reviews
  • Careers
  • Revision skills
  • In the news

upper 5 

In Upper 5 the topics covered are:

Mental Health Awareness - Mental health problems. Addiction. Good mental health. Wellbeing and mindfulness.

Relationships and Sex - Positive relationships. Gender. Contraception. STIs.

The Party Scene - Alcohol. Drugs. Psychoactive substances/legal highs. Saying “NO”.

In the News - Radicalism. Refugees. Politics and the government.

Revision and Study Skills - Focus on revision planning and revision timetables. Different revision techniques. Stress management – the importance of sleep, creating a positive environment for revision, eating well and establishing a healthy work/rest/exercise balance

PSHE also forms a large part of tutor time. In Upper five form tutors cover:

  • Know yourself
  • Individual academic progress reviews
  • GCE option choices
  • Careers and Morrisby online tests
  • Elevate study skills
  • Revision and study skills
  • Exam busters
  • In the news