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Senior School Games

Concussion Education Code of Practice

At Freemen’s we are determined to ensure that we lead the way in keeping the welfare of our players at the forefront of all we do.  Hopefully by now you have had the opportunity to look through information on the RFU website and, if not, could I urge you to do so.

All staff taking teams will complete the course detailed below, additionally, as part of your son’s involvement in the Freemen’s rugby season, we will be asking him to complete some training also detailed below: 

  • Staff coaching or refereeing contact rugby will complete the 30-minute Headcase Concussion Awareness Course for teachers and parents, found here.
  • Players in contact rugby in Year 10 and above will complete the 20-minute Headcase Concussion Awareness Course for players, found here.
  • Players in contact rugby in Year 7 and above will watch the 7-minute ERTV Concussion video, found here.
  • Rugby parents in the school should look at the Headcase Concussion Awareness programme, found here.

Once a pupil has been diagnosed with concussion then we have a strict policy in-line with the RFU that manages their return to play. The Medical Centre will monitor an initial 2 week period of rest during which the player must be symptom free. After this, the player is allowed a graded return to activity, intensity and then contact and, assuming no complications, they can play after 23 days. More details can be found here.