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PASS students get insights from top experts

The City of London Freemen's School Pupil Athlete Support Scheme (PASS) pupils benefited from two more seminars this term.

Dai Rees presented two seminars to PASS students and Upper 5 (Year 11) students.

With more than 20 years experience in elite level rugby coaching and athlete wellbeing, Dai shared his knowledge and experience with our high performance pupil athlete group on the topics of the power of breathing, self awareness and how to perform optimally in their sports. 

In the second seminar Dai presented to the whole of Upper 5 (Year 11), 107 pupils, and taught them strategies on how to manage exam stress, coping with academic anxiety and how to revise optimally for their upcoming GCSE’s. The immediate positive impact on the pupils was incredible.

Dai Rees

One of the UK’s top Sports Nutritionists, Dan Richardson of DRN Nutrition also gave a seminar, which highlighted the importance of nutrition for sports performance, macronutrients, how to fuel for training, competitions, sleep and recovery, as well as for GCSEs and A-levels. 

Lead by PE teacher and head of PASS, Peter McKee, the seminars are designed to help and offer guidance to student athletes with their holistic development in the academia, sports, recovery and social lives. 

Under the scheme there are currently 35 students from across 16 different sports.