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Mr Robert Pearson: 'Where does Money come from... and why Banks don’t lend it'

BEST (Business and Economics Society Talks)

The BEST Society welcomed our first external speaker this term Mr Robert Pearson.  Mr Pearson worked in Banking for over 20 years and presented to the Upper and Lower 6 Students a talk on “What is money and why banks don’t lend it” The talk followed an investigation by Mr Pearson which looked at how money is created, something students are unlikely to ever really think about. In addition to explaining what money was Mr Pearson discussed how banks will extend credit.

Students found the talk most fascinating and many discussions followed with some of the L6 considering basing their EPQs on the presentation. With finance and banking now included in the A level specification we were very grateful to have the opportunity to welcome a speaker who not only has a lot of experience in this field but is also genuinely fascinated by the subject.