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Prefect Training Workshop

Freemen’s was thrilled to welcome Team Thinking to the School to run a Prefect Training Workshop. Team Thinking design and deliver training programmes based on Soft Skills, essential for success in life.

Our Senior Prefects worked with two representatives during the workshop and explored how to develop skills such as:

  • communication;
  • effective problem-solving;
  • delegation;
  • time management:
  • negotiation;
  • working as a mediator and being supportive to fellow students.

Soft skills are essential for young people and organisations are increasingly selecting those prospective employees who have such abilities.

The training programme enables prefects to develop the skills that are necessary for effective performance in their role while at School. Freemen’s has 31 prefects and they are selected for the role based on their contribution to school life, ability to lead, to be an effective team player, sense of a being a role model/ambassador, standing amongst peer group and staff and being reliable, friendly and punctual.

Following our ethos to want students to learn, lead and make a difference, the workshop was ideal to help the prefects learn about playing to their strengths, strategies for dealing with difficult conversations and situations, enhancing leadership and team-building skills and effective communication.

The Prefects commented, "we really enjoyed ourselves and learnt about how we can be better prefects, be here to help and be more accessible with a view to being more helpful than ever."

Thank you to Team Thinking for visiting Freemen’s, the workshop was a valuable opportunity to develop skills and confidence in a fun and helpful way.