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Programme Overview

Our Freemen's Futures summer programme will aid participants on their journey as they navigate their prospective paths. Activities, workshops and excursions expertly crafted to ensure growth and enjoyment will provide a supporting environment to harbour confidence and improve use of the English language. Students will build leadership competence in collaborative tasks and develop essential personal skills, setting the foundations for university and adulthood.

During the summer programme, participants will learn and explore their chosen specialities alongside a foundation programme of visits and social activities. A range of sports, wellbeing exercises and individual counselling and support will slot into each student’s timetable.

Read our prospectus below to find out more about our summer programme, or even take a virtual tour of City of London Freemen's School.

At a glance

Participants will learn:

  • how to work with others with team building challenges;
  • English as an additional language;
  • how to contribute to society with local volunteering initiatives;
  • communication skills and confidence;
  • how to explore future career opportunities, including visits to London's financial district.

Participants will prepare with:

  • admission application support for university entrance or sixth form subject choice;
  • interview practice;
  • personal statement writing;
  • money management and cooking classes;
  • a first-aid qualification;
  • cleaning and clothes care.

Participants can explore:

  • the English countryside with group activities;
  • London, our capital city;
  • the University of Cambridge;
  • the University of Oxford;
  • Windsor Castle.

A personal journey

The bespoke nature of our summer school programme makes it the ideal springboard for students to explore and decide on their future destinations. Each student’s goals are as unique as they are, and their summer school experience will reflect that.

Students may choose a route with a focus on the English language, aided by external excursions and a spotlight on British culture. Alternatively, looking ahead with a goal of reaching Oxbridge, a GCSE student may target admission support and interview practice and a look at the practical skills needed for a life away from home. 

Two and three-week courses provide flexible options for students. Our offering allows participants the chance to choose a route that fits the uniqueness of the individual.

 Why choose us?

City of London Freemen's School offers a stand-out summer programme. Its unique approach to a tailor-made experience offers a summer school course like no other. International students can taste the British culture and immerse themselves in the way of life in the environs of London. 

Freemen's Futures supports students as they prepare practically for their future, with immersive opportunities that will guide and encourage them as they learn, prepare and explore. Confidence will grow, knowledge will expand, and self-esteem will shine when Freemen's Futures is chosen for an unforgettable summer school experience.

Five reasons to choose Freemen's Futures:

  1. Personalised curriculum
    The programme is expertly curated by educators, with a balance of academic and social activities to suit the different needs of students.
  2. Fully qualified mentors
    The summer team are professionals in their respective fields, ensuring students are taught and cared for by trained experts.
  3. Safe environment
    With a high staff-to-student ratio, we ensure participants have a strong support network throughout their stay.
  4. Central location
    On the outskirts of London, we are in a prime position for easy access to the city, airports and key places of interest.
  5. First-class facilities
    Our excellent facilities assist with our high-quality teaching and boarding experience. The grounds will be accessible to participants for the duration of the programme.