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Psychology is the scientific study of human behaviour, experience and mind. Every day we all speculate about the behaviour of others. The main difference between everyday speculation and Psychology is that Psychology tries to find answers by conducting scientific research.

The psychology course at Freemen's focuses on providing scientific explanations for a range of human behaviours.

Psychology is a popular A-level subject at Freemen’s: in 2018-19 there were 22 students in Year 12 and 24 students in Year 13. Nationally it is the third most popular A-level and appeals to students studying a broad range of Arts and Science subjects. The research and analytical skills developed during the course complement many subjects.

In Year 12 students study a range of topics including Social Influence, Attachment, Memory, Biopsychology and Psychopathology. They also learn about a range of research methods used by psychologists. In Year 13 students look at several applied areas of psychology, including Forensic, Schizophrenia and Relationships. They also study some key issues and debates within the field such as nature-nurture, gender and cultural bias within psychological research, and ethical implications of research.

The Department is extremely successful. It has won two awards from the Good Schools Guide and consistently achieves excellent results. The Department follows the AQA specification and results for the new linear-style A-level are shown below.

Cumulative % A* A B
2017 57% 86% 100%
2018 64% 86% 100%
2019 58% 88% 96%

The Department has also had the highest 3-year average value-added for over 10 years.

Many of the students go on to study Psychology at a range of Russell Group universities. In 2018, Candice L gained a place at Cambridge University to study Psychological & Behavioural Sciences and Emily E gained a place at Oxford University to study Psychology & Philosophy. In 2019 Ella W also gained a place at Cambridge to study Psychological & Behavioural Sciences.