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RES Annual Lecture: 'Why Commit Crime?' Professor Stephen Machin

by Charlotte Blythe, Lower 6

A group of Lower 6 Economics students attended the Royal Economic Society 2017 Annual Public Lecture hosted at the Royal Institution in London.

Professor Stephen Machin presented a fascinating and informative talk, 'Why Commit Crime?' Economic incentives for criminal behaviour, in which the importance of economic incentives as a determinant of crime, what economists can contribute to our understanding of why people commit crime and what can be done to discourage, detect and apprehend criminals was discussed. Afterwards the floor was opened to questions from the audience, including multiple people who were live streaming the lecture across the country.

The whole experience was fascinating. Not only were we able to enjoy listening to a professionals of this field, but we were also exposed to how economics relates to every aspect of life, such as crime.