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One Night of Shakespeare at Freemen's

Freemen’s Lower 4 students have enjoyed a wonderful opportunity to take part in a Drama workshop, led by the Shakespeare Schools Festival team.

Later this month, our Drama students will be taking part in an exciting new initiative set up by Coram Shakespeare Schools Festival called, ‘One Night of Shakespeare’. Hundreds of casts from every corner of the UK will take part, together, in one unique night of theatre at their schools. 

With UK theatres currently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Coram Shakespeare Schools Festival aim to highlight creativity and drama in schools this autumn.

The workshop began with team-building exercises based around unison and group focus to help the students tap into qualities needed for an effective Shakespearean chorus.

Centred around character development, the workshop encouraged students to create their own individual character perspectives within each scene and to explore how we can interpret the Shakespearian language and its relation to themes in the modern day. 

The students enjoyed exploring a range of archetypes through the use of physicality and voice and thought about how these related to the characters in their piece. 

Thank you to Kate from Shakespeare Schools Festival team for leading this fantastic workshop, we are looking forward to a fabulous performance of Julius Caesar on Friday 20th November! 

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