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Students Come Second in Tacitus Competition

Six Sixth Form students representing the Economics Department came a very close second to the City of London Girls’ School at the London City Schools Public Speaking Competition last week at Westminster School.

The team, consisting of Conrad Parks, Charlotte Blythe, James Parteka, Leon Kanavos, Ashley Mok and Tom Youngman, have spent the last few weeks working through their lunchtimes and after school to carry out research and put together a presentation on “Artificial Intelligence - Will It Enhance or Diminish Our Working Lives?”

Working alongside their City livery company mentor, Robert Keller, the students put together their views of A.I., each taking on a specific area including: public views, current uses, potential jobs for A.I. and humans, the irreplaceable skills of humans and the morality/ethical dilemma. Having researched the topics and considered different viewpoints, the students eventually drew the conclusion that A.I. did, most definitely, enhance our working lives. Once the presentation was complete, the team submitted their plan and were then required to present in front of a packed hall at Westminster School, the presentation was followed by a number of questions. 

The team was congratulated on their performance and the quality of their research as well as their ability to answer questions under pressure. The students will now present at the BEST society after Easter. Congratulations to all involved!