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Train Freemen's

The routes to becoming an excellent teacher at Freemen’s

Why teach?

Teaching is unique in combining a rich range of professional skills and knowledge, deep personal challenge and a sense of being part of a wider mission. Each and every day, teachers inspire children, raising their eyes to a world of possibility and supporting them to fulfil their potential. The key to education is the person at the front of the classroom. At a time when there are more pupils in our schools than ever before, Freemen’s aims, through Train Freemen’s, to attract inspirational future teachers into the profession.

Train Freemen's Infographic

What is Train Freemen’s?

The programme aims to encourage excellent teachers, potential teachers and the school leaders of the future to join Freemen’s to get the best possible start in the profession. It recognises that inspirational teachers can come from a range of backgrounds, some may just have graduated from University, some may have enjoyed careers in other industries. Train Freemen’s provides them with a first-class introduction to teaching, a salary and the fully funded support to enable them to begin their teaching careers in the best possible way.

Train Freemen’s is tailored to meet the needs of the independent sector but ensures those who can join the programme gain experience and the right to teach (Qualified Teacher Status) in both independent and state sectors.

We believe that the best place for future teachers to learn how to become excellent classroom practitioners is through Train Freemen’s as it offers personalised and directed support for everyone who joins, no matter how far along they are in their training. Train Freemen’s is designed so that a talented, passionate individual with no previous school experience can begin their teaching career at Freemen’s, whilst earning a teaching salary.

There are four paths to Train Freemen’s; candidates choose which is appropriate depending on previous experience and their aims:

  • The Graduate Teacher Programme – only available when vacancies arise - For recent graduates who are passionate about their subject and are seeking a salaried, fully-funded training route to become a qualified teacher. The main focus of this programme is getting graduates experience inside the classroom from the very beginning, building the confidence and foundations to embark on Initial Teacher Training (ITT).
  • The Career Conversion Programme – only available when vacancies arise - For experienced professionals seeking a fully-funded, salaried position whilst they retrain to become a qualified teacher. The professional will be fully-integrated into the life of the school, delivering a subject they are passionate about and using the skills gained in their previous career, whilst developing valuable classroom experience, before undertaking the professional qualification in Year 2.
  • The Excellent Teacher Programme – only available when vacancies arise - For those teachers who have already begun their training and are seeking to complete their NQT or NQT+1 years and then develop as middle and senior leaders. The process at Freemen’s ensures appropriate guidance, support and training is offered so that skills, knowledge and confidence are all developed through a structured programme, ensuring future aspirations and leadership skills are supported and developed.
  • The Graduate Assistant Programme – only available when vacancies arise - For recent graduates seeking to experience a wide range of school responsibilities. Graduate Assistants will be expected to get involved in every aspect of life at Freemen’s, from helping on the sports field, to accompanying trips and visits with all age groups. They will also be expected to be actively involved in the boarding life of the School, assisting with duties in our new purpose built, co-educational boarding house, playing a key role in assisting with the pastoral care of the boarders. There is also an expectation that - with the support of a subject mentor - Graduate Assistants will start to teach their specialist subject(s).

Whichever path candidates join, they will receive hands on school-based training, mentoring and support, creating the exceptional teaching professionals and school leaders of the future.

All staff joining the School will undertake an induction programme designed to equip them with all the skills they need to approach their role with confidence.  Induction spans across two days, and is aimed at giving new members of staff an excellent understanding of the school setting, an opportunity to meet their new colleagues, students and school leaders. All new staff will often undergo a number of City of London Corporation based courses as part of their induction.

The Train Freemen’s programme also puts on social events for new staff, such as breakfast catch ups, yoga, pilates, walks in the Surrey hills and staff sport. In addition to the school training provided, each path will ensure candidates benefit from a full school life experience, receiving practical experience of the busy and vibrant life of a leading independent school. There are opportunities to support our students and colleagues in the boarding house, sports fields, Arts department, music faculty and our thriving Duke of Edinburgh and CCF enrichment programmes.

Benefits include -

  • Staff joining Train Freemen’s will be awarded with salaried positions and fully-funded training; Freemen’s has its own salary scale; remuneration is well above the national scale and compares well with others in the independent sector;
  • Teaching staff members will become members of the Teachers’ Pension Scheme;
  • Training (CPD) is actively encouraged and supported with all staff at the school expected to develop their professional practice through further training and education;
  • Fee reductions for the children of teaching staff are available, (after a qualifying period);
  • Assistance with certain relocation expenses may be available to a qualifying candidate;
  • Full immersion into life at Freemen’s from the very beginning;
  • Joining the independent sector allows the professional to experience a wide range of whole school responsibilities, unlike other school-based teacher training programmes;
  • Teaching from the very beginning under the direction and support of a subject mentor and school leaders means there is constant wealth of knowledge and experience taking the professional through every stage of their development;
  • Trainees can fully experience the teaching profession before undertaking the professional qualification;
  • We offer use of the on-site facilities at certain times of the day;
  • Lunch, snacks and refreshments are provided during term time;
  • On-site parking is available;
  • Accommodation for some teachers may available;
  • A no-smoking policy applies throughout the School site.

What places are available?

Please check our Current Vacancies page for information about vacancies.