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What Do You Miss About School?

As part of their English remote learning, L4 students were asked to watch a short film and complete a piece of writing in response to the film. The film, featured on BBC News, talks about the positive aspects that people may remember about the coronavirus pandemic in a year’s time. 

When writing their articles, students were asked to consider six points:

  1. What do you miss most about your ‘normal’ life (life before Covid-19 came along)?
  2. What would you love to be doing right now instead of Home Learning?
  3. What do you miss most about School? About life in general?
  4. What good can come from all of this? Think about big and small scale – i.e. how might life/the world change for the better? 
  5. How might your life be different in the future? 
  6. What could you do over the coming weeks, and possibly months to make a difference?

What do you miss most about School? About life at Freemen’s? We would love to hear from you, so if you would like to take part, please send us a video clip explaining what you miss most about School. Your video should be filmed from a portrait perspective (not landscape) and be fewer than 30 seconds long. Please email your videos to Gemma in our Marketing Team:


What I Miss About My Normal Life
by Natalia in L4S

What do I miss about my normal life? I can’t even remember what the word ‘normal means’. The world I live in now is one that I would have dreamed of having two months ago, but now that it’s reality, I’m not so sure it’s a ‘dream’. I don’t believe in magic or anything like that but four weeks ago, I remember wishing something exciting could happen, something exhilarating that would take us away from boring, old life. This is not what I meant. But now I think about it, I miss how life used to be and these are the things I miss most.

I loved playing netball and football. I want to play just a few more netball matches for the last time as a team, to see if we could carry on our unbeaten record. I wanted to play our semi-final game in football because to win the league would be unbelievable. I miss playing sport and I miss seeing all my friends at training. I miss my friends. You never realise how important something, or someone, is until you no longer see them. You don’t appreciate them properly. I loved us all having table tennis tournaments and football matches, which meant the year above would then steal our ball, but that was part of the game. To put it bluntly, I miss school.

I never thought I would ever in my life, say those words, but I do.

I miss the classroom, I miss having actual teachers (emphasis on actual), however, I miss my class most of all. I miss us all acting like complete idiots together and always laughing. I miss our classroom being as cold as ice and always having to turn the heater on. Even the little things that made our class special, like the hole in the ceiling which no one has fixed for months made us all giggle, or our classroom being an absolute disaster area. It’s all these things that make me sad about what I am going to miss.

I’m utterly broken at the fact we’ve had our last day as a class, as part of the junior school, as a year group. When I think of how much fun the summer term always is, it makes me so upset. I wanted one last prize day, one last school trip to Thorpe Park, one last term as a class. We are never going to have our L4 ball or induction day or any of the things we have all been talking about for months. It just astonishes me at how one sudden change happens and everything stops. School stops, sport stops, every last thing that we take for granted in our normal life stops. I want to be packing my things up, ready to go on holiday, but that’s stopped too. But, we have to think optimistically.

I’ve spent time with my family I would have never spent, which for me, is a massive positive. I have loved getting an hour extra of sleep! I’ve enjoyed learning in a different way and being able to have a bit more freedom. I know I am never going to forget this, and I hope I learn how to appreciate normal life a bit better. I look forward to the day where we officially beat Covid-19 and we can reopen everything again. That will be a day no one will ever forget.

But for now, we are still at war with the invisible enemy and we need to keep fighting.