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Freemen's School Association (FSA)

The FSA is a registered charity run by parent volunteers. Our focus extends beyond simply raising funds, we organise social events throughout the year and aim to encourage parents and families to attend and welcome them into the Freemen’s community.

Our key events for the year include:

  • Fireworks Night – November
  • Christmas Fair – December
  • Parent Social - March
  • Summer Ball – June

Each year group has representatives who form the vital link between parents and school. These Year Reps keep the parents in their year group up-to-date with school events and encourage parents to attend such things as coffee mornings and social evenings. 

A wonderful Second Hand Uniform Shop is also run by the FSA. You will find the shop conveniently located on-site and it is open at regular intervals. All second hand uniform is reasonably priced and a portion of the profit goes to the FSA.

Second Hand Uniform Shop 

We have a well-stocked second-hand uniform shop which is run by FSA volunteers. You will find the shop conveniently located on site and it is open at regular intervals. All second hand uniform is reasonably priced and a portion of the profit goes to the FSA.

The second hand uniform shop will be open on the following dates, but please be advised that we will need to ensure that prevailing social distancing guidelines are adhered to. 

  • Face coverings and gloves must be worn.
  • Only two adults in the shop at any one time.
  • Social distancing queueing system. 
  • No changing room facilities will be available. 
  • Card only transactions (no cash).
  • Time limit of 15 minutes per customer in the shop. 

Please do not bring children on to site as they will not be allowed in the shop. Thank you for your forbearance.   

The shop is open from 10am - 12.30pm on the following dates: 

Saturday 26th September

Saturday 17th October

Saturday 14th November

Saturday 5th December

Items Purchased by the FSA 

As you can see, the FSA provides many worthwhile services and there are lots of opportunities for you to get involved. Ultimately, the result of all our efforts and the support we enjoy from the parent community can be clearly seen in the amount of funds we raise. These funds benefit all the children at Freemen’s.

Approved Bids 2020 - 2021

In 2020 The FSA  have committed to supporting bids from teachers and students totalling just under £35,000. Additional funds are also available for the purchase of digital cameras as soon as quotations are finalised and approved.

  • 2 x 3D Printers with 12 printer filaments – Junior School DT Department £2,452.00
  • Shakespeare Festival - Junior School £1,805
  • 2 x 2G Multi-Age Flicx wicket cricket pitches plus trolley £5,990
  • 4 x Recycling Bins – Student led Eco-Committee  £1,607.76
  • Sixth Form Ball  (summer term) £1,000.00
  • U5 Ball - cost for DJ.  (summer term) £250.00
  • Sixth Form Enrichment and Travel Awards £5,150.00
  • The Committee voted to donate a fabulous £16,000 to The Bursary Fund this year
We have also committed to purchasing 21 Canon Digital SLRs with accessories and storage, (subject to approval of quotation) for the Art Department.

You don't have to be a committee member to contribute. Please get in touch with us should you have any ideas or time to spare!


Registered Charity no: 1151182