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The School works in partnership with Zeelo to offer a carbon neutral bus service to Freemen's.

  • A service that starts in Claygate and goes through Hinchley Wood, Esher and Cobham on its way to School, and back in the afternoon. 
  • A return coach service that runs from Merrow through East Horsely, Bookham and Fetcham.
  • A return coach service that runs from Banstead and Kingswood through Tadworth and Tattenham Corner.
  • A return coach service that runs from Epsom.
  • A return minibus service that runs from Oxshott Village.
  • A return minibus service that runs from Wimbledon. 

In addition, we also offer a minibus from Ashtead train station in the morning and back to Ashtead train station in the evening, both straight after school and again after co-curricular clubs and sports squads have finished.

For more information on how to book and pricing details, please click on the link below.

Driving Safely in Ashtead Park

The safety of our pupils, staff and visitors in and around our busy school site is of the utmost importance and is continually under review. Please note:

  • The 5mph speed limit and one way system must be observed.
  • Please only drop off/pick up your child in the Main car park or you may stop briefly in a lay-by.
  • When waiting or parking, please keep clear of ‘hashed’, no-parking zones.
  • Parents collecting children after 5pm from after school clubs/squads are now advised to park in the Main car park as spaces within the School campus are limited.
  • Please stop at zebra crossings for pedestrians even when they are not manned.
  • Remember, it is illegal to use a handheld mobile phone whilst driving.
  • Coaches and minibuses have priority to park in the marked coach bays and lay-bys.
  • Cars must not be left unattended in the lay-bys at any time. Please be considerate and do not wait for pupils in a lay-by. This impedes the flow of traffic for other parents who could use the space to pick up and move on.
  • In the car park, please only park in a designated parking space. It is dangerous to stop on the drive to allow your child to jump out, especially near the zebra crossings.
  • When on foot, please encourage your child to keep off the road and use the footpaths and crossings provided.
  • If you drop off/pick up outside of the site please be considerate of our neighbours. In particular please drive carefully if you use St Giles’ Church drive as it is our main pedestrian access point and it is used by many other organisations and parents with very small children.
  • Please avoid picking up and dropping off at the corner of Chalk Lane opposite the school. Not only does this block the highway, it is very dangerous.
  • Only Upper sixth pupils living more than 1.5 miles from the School and with a full driving licence are permitted to park on site.  They must apply for a permit from and display this in their windscreen/dashboard. 

For a variety of reasons, learner drivers are not permitted to drive on the School property.

The pedestrian entrance allows pupils to access School about 25 metres south of the vehicular entrance on Park Lane. Pedestrians please note:

  • The School will monitor the entrance from time to time, and at the start of each new academic year, but generally it is not a manned crossing.
  • It is not a zebra crossing; pedestrians do not have right of way over vehicles.
  • The gate is open before and after school only – when it is closed it is locked.
  • Drivers please take extra care around the entrance area and, if you are queuing to turn right into school, leave sufficient space for crossing children to see and be seen.

Message from St Giles Church regarding parking on St Giles Drive 

The arrangement is for parents to drop off children in the morning and pick up children in the afternoon.  We would ask that they do this as quickly and efficiently as possible, and, if they need to wait, that they do not park beyond the red barrier that is situated half way up the drive.

On a normal day we do not expect parents to park in the drive for extended periods of time, and if they do need to park up for a while, say if they have an appointment in the school, then we would ask that they park in the school grounds.  As you will appreciate, the drive is needed for what is ever increasing usage at our Dell Centre and the Church.