We have always supported families who might not otherwise have the financial means to consider a Freemen’s education and are committed to helping even more children.  

There are two main ways that we can help with fees: through bursaries and scholarships. Scholarships are limited to 5% discount of the fees. Find out more about scholarships.


Bursaries are offered based on the amount of need required and the child’s performance in our entrance assessments. The level of bursary will depend on each family’s circumstances but transformational bursaries are available and could be up to 110% of the school fees.  

All applications are strictly confidential and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. We require a full financial assessment and parents will be asked for documentation to support their financial circumstances. We may use an independent company Bursary Administration Ltd (BAL) to carry out a financial assessment.  All bursary decisions are final and are subject to full disclosure and, if successful, an annual review.

Find out more about bursaries here.

How to Apply

If you feel you might qualify for assistance due to your financial circumstances, please tick the box on the registration form when you apply for your child's place at Freemen's. 

We will send you a link to an online portal where you can apply for a bursary.

When to Apply

It is important that we receive all completed bursary applications by the 13 October registration deadline.

Given the limited support available, we cannot consider applications received after this date.  


Our goal is to support the brightest children to come to this school who could not otherwise afford to come.

We assess applications on a case-by-case basis rather than adhere to strict financial criteria and we recognise that judgements about what sacrifices a family should make to pay school fees will be personal, however, we have a duty to ensure that all bursary awards are considered alongside current earnings and we will look at the following factors: 

  • The ability to improve the financial position or earning power of the family. For example, where there are two partners, both would be expected to be employed unless one is prevented from doing so through incapacity, the need to care for children under school age or other dependents, or the requirements of their partner’s work; 
  • Opportunities to release capital. Significant capital savings and investments would be expected to be used for the payment of school fees, as would as well as the equity value in houses; 
  • In cases of separation, the contribution made by the absent parent/guardian; 
  • Contribution to household costs by other family members, any adults unrelated to the child or from outside sources; 
  • Where siblings are at other fee-paying schools or places of education, it would be expected that applications for financial assistance has been made to those organisations; 
  • We do not believe the following to be consistent with the receipt of a bursary: frequent or expensive holidays, new or luxury cars, investment in significant home improvements, a second property/land holdings. 

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Hardship Funds

The school has limited bursary funds available but we understand that there can be unexpected, significant or temporary changes in financial circumstances and have hardship bursaries available for families who already have children at Freemen’s. 

We will only consider applications where finances have deteriorated significantly since joining the school and the deterioration could not have been anticipated at the time of enrolment.  

Please note these funds are not available to those parents with outstanding fees.

For further details and to arrange a meeting with the Chief Operating Officer, please email: [email protected]



Freemen’s is proud to consider applications from prospective students holding refugee status (or who may be exempt but hold relevant government recognition) who would thrive in an English speaking, academically selective environment. Bursaries are offered on a means-tested basis, and applications will be considered outside the typical bursary process for UK nationals.

Email [email protected] or call 01372 822423 for more information.