Year 3 - Year 6

Happy children learn. It’s no surprise to us that the most popular word that comes to pupils’ minds when describing the Junior School is ‘fun’.

Fun is one of the three core values we discuss, repeat and reinforce in the Junior School. Kindness is the priority – if everybody (adults and children alike) is kind to everybody else then the School functions harmoniously.

Honesty is important. On occasion truths have to be shared between parents, children and staff, but because they are shared in an environment of kindness, all is well.

Finally, fun is to be had at all times (provided it’s enjoyed in a kind and honest way). And there’s a lot of fun to be had in the Junior School.


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What do you think?

We won’t rush your child through the curriculum. We want them to have a steady education with depth and breadth, so that they have solid foundations on which to build upon when they progress up into the Senior School.  

One of the first questions your child will be challenged with when joining the Junior School is ‘What do you think?’. There is a banner in every single classroom, because it is a great way to develop your child’s resilience, to get them to think for themselves and to draw out their ideas and thoughts.

There are no exams to progress up into the Senior School, meaning your child can focus on thriving in a welcoming, flexible and secure learning environment.


There are so many people around to talk to in the Junior School in an environment of kindness, honest and fun. 

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It’s rare in this neck of the woods to find an all-through route that will scoop up your 7-year old and hand them back to you at the end of year 13 ready for (most likely a Russell Group) university – and this, say parents, makes a place at this semi-rural Surrey prep the most shiny of golden tickets.

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The purpose-built Junior School is warm and comfortable and provides a safe base for your child, as they explore the wider campus and its impressive swimming pool, sports facility and music department, as well as the all-important play areas. Importantly, as they discover Freemen’s, your child will come into contact with older, experienced pupils, who will become important role models to them.

We are passionate about co-education, and have been since our foundation. Our classes have approximately 20 pupils and come from a broad range of feeder schools and backgrounds. We mix up classes every year so that new pupils are made to feel part of the group straight away. When new children arrive they are each given a buddy, a child in their class who knows the school well to help them settle.