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Inspection Reports

City of London Freemen's School has been deemed “excellent” in its latest regulatory compliance and educational quality inspection by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI).

A team of eight inspectors visited Freemen’s over three days in November 2022 and found that the school met the standards in the schedule to the Education (Independent School Standards) Regulations 2014, the National Minimum Standards for Boarding Schools 2022, and associated requirements and was fully compliant in all areas. 

These standards included quality of education provided; spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils; welfare, health and safety of pupils; suitability of staff, supply staff and proprietors; premises of and accommodation at schools; provision of information; manner in which complaints are handled and quality of leadership in and management of schools.

Overall, the inspectors were impressed by the school and all standards were met. Standards such as the quality of education provided by the school and staff as well as the quality of pupils’ academic achievement and personal development were both rated “excellent”.

The inspection was based on observed lessons, discussions with pupils, staff, governors and parents. Inspectors also visited the boarding house, Walbrook, and the learning support and educational resource areas as part of their visit. 

Roland Martin, Headmaster said: “I am extremely proud of the work our staff do to ensure we meet the expected standards in and out of the classroom and it is so pleasing to see that reflected in the report. The quality of pupils’ academic – and other - achievements being deemed “excellent” is very rewarding for all concerned. 

“Obviously, I am delighted that we were marked fully compliant across all areas, but it is particularly rewarding to see the School’s ethos commended. The comments regarding our commitment to developing students from Junior School through to Senior School and on to Sixth Form to be ready for the world beyond is truly heartening. I felt in my conversations with the reporting inspector that she and her very professional team had the measure of the School and understood the quality of the pupils and staff that we have here at Freemen’s.”

Key comments made by the inspectors:

  • “The well-structured and engaging learning environment encourages pupils to work beyond the confines of the curriculum and develop their knowledge.”
  • “They [the pupils] have a thirst for knowledge and are well supported by this by the strong subject knowledge of their teachers.”
  • “A high level of attainment is a consequence of the pupils’ excellent attitudes to learning and the support and constructive criticism provided by their teachers.”
  • “Pupils display excellent communication skills as a result of the school providing many opportunities for discussion and debate so their ideas can be explored and refined.”
  • “Pupils express themselves with fluency and poise guided by the skills they have been taught and write at length in subjects such as history.”
  • “Pupils respond enthusiastically to develop further their skills and passion.”
  • “Pupils demonstrate excellent study skills…. Teaching embeds the skills required to analyse, hypothesise, and synthesise knowledge from an early age and encourages pupils to develop their thinking skills so that they understand rather than just recall information.”
  • “Parents agreed that the school equipped their children with the team working, collaborative and research skills they need in later life.”
  • “Academic ambition is reflected not just in grades but in performance in a wide range of competitions.”
  • “They can readily identify both their strengths and weaknesses and are willing to address these as appropriate.”
  • “Pupils display resilience in their learning, supported by an atmosphere of challenge, where trying to understand complex concepts is seen as enjoyable.”
  • “Pupils are confident in their decisions making and are prepare to attempt challenging tasks with a supportive environment.”
  • “Pupils demonstrate respect for all cultures and beliefs.”
  • “Pupils displayed a great maturity in their reflections beyond the expectation of their years.”
  • “Pupils are able to distinguish right from wrong and to take responsibility for their own behaviour, reflecting the culture and ethos of the school.”
  • “There is a culture of kindness and respectfulness.”
  • “Older pupils offer support to younger ones mentoring academically and pastorally, to help build their confidence and skills.”
  • “The school’s leaders and governing body have successfully embedded the values and ethos of the school to support a community in which the pupils are able to develop and thrive.”
  • “The school has an effective pastoral care system in place, which includes counselling and mental health support and regular online safety training.”

The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) is the body approved by the Department for Education for the purpose of inspecting schools belonging to Independent Schools Council (ISC) Associations and reporting on compliance with independent school regulations. ISI inspections are also carried out under arrangements of the ISC Associations for the maintenance and improvement of the quality of their membership.

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