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September BEST Society Meeting

Our first BEST Society Meeting welcomed three Lower 6 students to talk about areas of particular interest to them.

Joshua focussed was on Religiosity and its Correlation to GDP per Capita and Jamie and Dominic talked about Financial Trading.

Joshua is fascinated by religiosity and wanted to carry out some research into whether there was a link between countries with a high level of religion and their GDP per Capita. Josh completed a research project over the Summer whereby he looked at data comparing the two variables. Whilst there were some anomalies, which he felt could be explained, his overriding conclusion was that there was a clear positive correlation between low GDP per Capita and a high level of religiosity.

Having taken part in the Young Investor Challenge in 2018/19 and reached the Semi-finals Dominic and Jamie presented on Financial Trading. They explained the key areas students needed to be aware of and many of the Financial terms and concepts they were likely to come across should they start trading. 

2019/2020 Trading will start very soon and both Jamie and Dominic are happy to present again when there will be opportunities for discussion and questions.