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Junior School Pupil Becomes Head for a Day

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There is a new Head in charge of City of London Freemen’s Junior School in Ashtead - at least for one day.  Dominic Quantrill, a Year 4 student, took over leadership  of the school from current Head Matt Robinson for the whole of Monday 23 May.

“I like it and want to do it more,” explained Dominic, when asked about his day being Head. “It is an easy job.”

Dominic’s duties included meeting with staff, leading assembly, observing Year 4 classes, eating lunch with three friends in a special dining room and an inspection of the site.

Junior School Head Matt Robinson said: “The school was in very good hands all morning. Dominic’s authority and humour was very well received by all”. 

9-Year-old Dominic won the opportunity to become Head for a Day as part of a silent auction run by Year 9 of City of London’s Freemen’s School. The auction raised over £2,300 for Woodlands School.