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Pupils Parade in Lord Mayor's Show

Freemen's joined other City schools in the world-famous Lord Mayor's Procession.

Freemen's Junior School pupils: Maddie Pittman, Jonti Filpi, Marcus Stuart, George Flint, Katie Secker, Hermione Ford and Thomas Heath, accompanied by the Headmaster, walked the parade route of the Lord Mayor's Show. Read a full account of the day written by Lower 4 pupil, Marcus Stuart, below.

Whenever we have a big celebration in my family my Grandpa always says, “This is like the Lord Mayor’s Show”. Well, on Saturday 11 November, it was the Lord Mayor’s Parade and the new Lord Mayor invited children from each of the schools connected to the City of London to take part. No room for my Grandpa unfortunately.

It was a cold, grey drizzly morning when we arrived in the City, so we went for a hot chocolate to warm up. The coffee shop was full of people in full military dress. I saw members of the Air Force, Navy and Army. There were also veterans in smart blazers with lots of medals and a lady in a very fancy Victorian costume.

Outside the street had been covered with sand to protect the horses’ hooves. Everywhere you looked people were gathering together for the parade. Army Sergeants were giving orders, horses were being given a final brush and bands were tuning up. 

We formed up with students from all the other City schools and we marched behind a huge Wind Band. Behind us were representatives from some of the Guilds including the Environmental Cleaners and the World Traders - both donate prizes to our school. Their robes were like the ones the teachers wear on Prize Day.

We took turns carrying the City of London Freemen’s School banner as we marched along the route. The streets were full of cheering, clapping people and by lunchtime we all had aching arms from waving to the crowds. Lots of people recognised our school and called out to us as we went past. It was a fantastic day I’ll always remember being in the Lord Mayor’s Parade.

Written by Marcus Stuart (Lower 4).